Help Grants for the Arts support San Francisco’s arts and culture community by contributing to the Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund. 

The Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund, established by the Board of Supervisors in 1984, provides the public with a stronger connection to the arts and culture community by giving San Francisco property taxpayers the opportunity to add a contribution to their tax bill in support of facilities maintenance, capital improvements, and equipment acquisition for San Francisco-based nonprofit arts organizations. Renters and non-City residents are also welcome to participate by making donations directly to the Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund. Donations to the Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. 

This unique program—a collaboration of the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector, the Board of Supervisors, and Grants for the Arts—helps make arts organizations safer, more productive, and more accessible to the general public. 100% of your gift passes to local arts nonprofits, making a direct and significant impact on their ability to create and present art for the inspiration and enjoyment of San Francisco residents and visitors. 

Thank you for being a partner in our efforts to support art in our city. A donation of any amount truly makes a difference.